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Here are some links to other sites that I have enjoyed. I hope you enjoy them too!

  • Anluan Irish Terriers
    Another great breeder of Irish Terriers with very good information. Her dogs have always been presented to a very high standard.
  • Dogz Online
    Australia's Online Pure Breed Dog Community
  • Akiran Bull Terriers
    A dedicated breeder of Bull Terriers. I recommend a visit to this site.
  • Red Devils Agility Team
    A great site to look at to see the agility of the Irish Terrier and what fun it is.
  • Ozebook
    An interesting site to visit regarding Books and other things of interest.
  • Koudenhoven Irish Terriers
    An informative site on Irish Terriers in Holland especially the pedigrees.
  • Honhazsta Bull Terriers
    A new site for Bull Terriers displaying lovely dogs. Well worth a visit.
  • Puppysites
    A site with lots of information regarding breeders of different breeds throughout the world.
  • Dogs4sale
    A site with lots of information on dogs, breeders etc.
  • Kaynine Online - Australia
    A good site listing breeders of various breeds through Australia and worldwide.
  • Tim Abidin - Dog Photographer
    Tim is a great photographer especially of dogs doing Agility. He has taken many of the photos shown on this website.
    An informative site with lots of information on all breeds. Visit their Links page which shows lots more webpages of breeders etc.



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